Our Purpose

Financial independence for our clients and to empower people to take less risk, save on fees, and control their own destiny. Offer the opportunity to use the knowledge of a fiduciary advisor whose beliefs are aligned with his clients and whose success is directly tied to yours.

Our Belief

The 1980s portfolio model is broken. We live in unprecedented times, with nations engaging in currency wars, and with the global medium of exchange having no gold backing, the world is primed for a systemic crisis. We need to prepare and optimize our savings and investments for the future, crisis-proofing them to thrive as the U.S. and other nations work through their sovereign debt problems.

Our Plan

Prepare for massive changes in the U.S. economy, eroding currencies, and hedge ourselves against a dollar-based lifestyle. Using our independent research, we align our clients’ money with global trends.

With an income-focused wealth management model, our clients will have an asset-backed portfolio. Owning cash-flowing businesses that have survived world wars, depressions, currency crises, and in some cases, even the U.S. civil war.