401(k) Company Kickbacks

from Wall Street

  • Pensions to be Cut by 50% or More!

  • Social Security on The Brink of Complete Insolvency…

Dear Reader,

Nicholas Green FMT AdvisoryMy name is Nicholas Green, and I’ve seen too many of the headlines above since the 2008 financial crisis. The banks were bailed out, and today are making enormous profits.Meanwhile, the people that built this nation are being lied to about the state of our economy and stock market.

One of the biggest lies in the financial press today is that the U.S. economy is 5 years into a recovery. Many economists actually point to today’s volatility as a sign of a new recession… What they all fail to realize is that we never left the crisis that started in late 2007, and that this current downturn is just an extension and continuation of the last crisis.

And this is what has myself and my firm concerned. Millions of investors and retirement savers have been set up to be wiped out with all the old conventional thinking,not realizing that a new economic and investment paradigm is happening right now!

Before I go any further, I want you to know that I am a fiduciary advisor. Sadly, less than 5% of financial advisors can say this, because for the most part, retirement planners and trusted financial experts are paid with commissions, backdoor deals, kickbacks from the mutual fund industry, and many other interests that pit them directly against their clients.

This is important, because as a fiduciary, I am mandated by law to not accept any referral fees or compensation contingent upon the purchase or sale of a financial product. Basically, I make my money directly from clients, and it’s against the law for me to accept money from anyone else. I can’t stress how important this is, because the fact is you can not trust someone with your money if they themselves are being paid by a mutual fund or insurance company to bring your hard-earned dollars to them.

Yet this is 96% of my competition; trusted financial advisors and planners who put you into products and get fat commission checks – sometimes equal to the entire amount you are investing!

Two Points

  • First, if you feel that you are being swindled or not treated fairly, please give FMT Advisory a call or visit our website at for a FREE portfolio review and consultation.

  • Secondly, I hate to say this, but my own industry is completely conflicted, and if you’re not going to use a fiduciary advisor, honestly, you’re better off just doing it yourself or completely getting your money out of Wall Street.

Just please avoid the financial industry as best you can… the place is filled with money traps. Even a 60 Minutes report showed that some 401(k) plans eat up 50% of an individual’s retirement income over the course of 30 years. Members from Congress have stated that by just asking questions about Wall Street’s hidden fees and commissions, they have been met with the full fury of the Wall Street lobby.

The mutual fund industry is one of the most aggressive scams I have ever witnessed. Even with overwhelming data showing that over 99.6% of mutual funds don’t even beat their index, millions of people continue to pour money into them. In all, the industry manages $13 trillion.

Many of the fees are hidden. There is the sticker fee (1-3%), and then what you don’t see, like the manager’s salary being deducted from the fund’s returns.

I Believe Many Portfolios are About to be Wiped Out!

The coming crisis will be looked at by future generations much the way we look back at the Great Depression, Civil War, and American Revolution today. Now is the time for prudence, not “go with the flow” investing. Or, as we refer to it at FMT Advisory, the 1980s portfolio. Your investable net worth or portfolio should meet your individual needs, goals, and objectives.


Right Now, My Firm is Focused on 4 pillars of Protection and Growth:

  • Safety (we are buying world-class assets)

  • Income

  • Currency Risk (not just the U.S. dollar, but all fiat currencies)

  • Wealth Compounders (partnering with and attaching our money to deep-value Superinvestors)

All four components play a vital role for overall portfolio optimization, legacy wealth, and peace of mind. With your assets working together, unforeseen risks can be minimized in these unchartered times, while opportunities can be taken advantage of.

My advice to everyone is to be on guard, from Wall Street gimmicks to the real risk of a massive systemic crisis in our monetary system. Please, if you haven’t already done so, sign up for my free, weekly letter.

If you would like to speak with my firm, call us at 888-649-6556 and ask for me personally.

Nicholas Green

P.S. There is no obligation when you call or email us. Looking out for people is what we do, and right now, the more people we can help with free advice or as a paid client, the better off our firm and nation will be in the future.

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