We look for long-term trends using our margin-of-safety approach in 3 key areas that are at the core of our principles:

  1. Income Money Spinners (Carefully chosen, dominant, predictable payout gushers)
  2. Cash Flow Gushers (Superinvestor Wealth Compounders and Value)
  3. Special Situations (Commodities, Shorts, Miners, Undervalued Sectors, etc.)

We dig deep looking for fortuitous entry points into these key assets. Once we have indentified targets through our rigorous research, we take sizable positions because there are truly only so many great investment opportunities available at any given time.

Our fiduciary advisor can help you find the right balance for your family’s needs between these 3 key areas depending on your circumstances, weather you need to accumulate wealth or generate income and grow it though retirement.

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Put the Rusty and Inefficient Mutual Fund Model Behind You

To sum it up, FMT Investment Advisory has the experience to know what works, through years of real-time discovery and learning. As a learning machine with cumulative knowledge, working with a legal obligation to put your interest first no matter what, you have finally found the home you are looking for to protect and grow your family’s fortunes.