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We are on the verge of some of the most profound and consequential technological convergences in our lifetimes.

Are you wondering why everything seems to be happening faster and faster all around us?

It's because it is. 

The pace of technological innovation and adoption is moving at the speed of light.

The global landscape is going to start changing dramatically over the next two years and we need to cross the Rubicon with it.

This transformative decade is unfolding in front of us because we are on the cusp of some the most profound technological convergences in 120 years.

FMT estimates that $20+ trillion in global market value will be added over the next decade and we think we're on the cusp of the largest disruptive booms ever.

As a steward of managing money, FMT believes it is our job to not just recognize the big changes ahead – which come around very rarely — but to pride ourselves on such recognition and exploit them before everyone else comes rushing in.

The inflection point on the 'S' curve is fast approaching and the crossing of it will lead us into one of the most profound societal and transformational changes we will likely see in our lifetimes.

Because of machine learning, next-gen (5G) wireless networks, innovation, and declining cost curves, FMT believes we are on the cusp of the largest convergences in our lifetimes.

Please join us on our road to Damascus as we invest in future money trends, while we protect our wealth from the disrupted businesses of yesterday.


Nicholas Green, Founder and CIO

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