Stay Away from Twaddle

Most people have portfolios that are so bloated that they would make Marlon Brando appear skinny in his later years. And either the vast majority of market participants don’t invest with the mindset that their shares are real ownership positions in real businesses, or they own thousands of businesses through passive fund investing.


The Race Is On

The U.S. Justice Department is set to decide soon whether to approve the $26.5 billion merger of wireless carriers T-Mobile USA and Sprint Corp. There are leaks that the decision for the merger could be out as early as next week, but regardless, a decision is coming soon. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has agreed…


Balancing Your Portfolio With Precious Metals | Future Markets Investments

Balancing Your Portfolio With Precious Metals

Those who rely on investing primarily via stocks and bonds may need to seek out future money trends to better balance their portfolios. One way to reduce risk is by investing in precious metals, a tangible commodity. Precious Metals Are Not Interchangeable Investments There is a common misunderstanding that silver, gold, platinum and palladium are…