You should invest with us if you desire:

    • To rid yourself of the 1980s portfolio model and commission brokers.
    • To be fully aligned with a true investment fiduciary that only does better when you do better and does less well than you if you do less well (our only objective is for you to do well over time!).
    • Pay much lower fees than hedge funds and the vast majority of most mutual funds. Typically, just 1%.

FMT Investment Advisory’s name is an acronym for Future Money Trends.

Nearly 100% of those that built wealth through publicly-traded companies did so by exploiting long-term trends early, and then taking concentrated stakes in carefully chosen businesses.

who-should-invest-with-usThis is What We Do

Our mission is to re-revolutionize this way of investing by taking stakes no differently than the likes of a Rockefeller, Carnegie, or Warren Buffett by becoming major shareholders in clear trends with fortuitous entry points.

The vast majority of market participants today are passively invested in hundreds of securities, which is a game plan that will get you nowhere fast, and it also exposes investors to massive market risk anyway.

If you truly want stellar long-term results, you must invest like the Rockefellers, Buffetts, or nearly every rich person on the Forbes 100 list. Everything else is just noise as history repeatedly demonstrates.

In short, those that want to revolutionize some of their savings for a wealth-building journey should become a FMT Revolutionist.

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